1. How do I Sign up?

    Once you have filled in the details of the quote request, we simply need a few details including an email and password so that you can log in later to see the quotes you have received.

  2. How will I know what information I must include in order to receive an accurate quote?

    The website provides guide lines on the right hand side of the page which lets you know what you should include.

  3. How will I know I have received a quote?

    We will send you a notification on your email, alerting you that a company has responded to your request.

  4. When will the companies respond to my request?

    When you fill out the quote request form, it will ask you the time limit that you want to give the companies to respond. Please understand that companies are busy from time to time and may need a realistic time limit in order to quote for large jobs (such as kitchens).

  5. How will the companies contact me?

    Once you send your quote requests, the companies that can meet you job needs will reviewthe request and decide whether or not they are able to quote for your job. Once they accept, they may either call you directly or fill out a reply form that will be sent back to you which will include prices, descriptions and time scales.

  6. Do the companies have any further information I can review?

    The Build Gibraltar's database also serves as a directory which allows each company to have their own profile page which includes their company information, testimonials, case studies and product galleries.

  7. Do all companies on the directory provide quotes?

    No, only companies that have registered for the quotation tool are able to give quotes. The number of companies that are available for the quotation system will be on the home page.

  8. Can I have more than one Job that I need quotes for?

    The website allows you to request quotes for a number of jobs at one time. This helps you manage your project and enables you to organize yourself efficiently.